Open Futures - Role Models for Youth with Disabilities
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Video Overview

These two video programs will introduce you to dozens of people with disabilities who describe how they found their paths to successful careers and why they love their jobs.

Open Futures Video: People with Disabilities at Work Open Futures: People with Disabilities at Work (11 mins.)
This fast-moving, youth-focused video features Role Models who talk about their career paths, what inspires them about their work and why work is important. It encourages young people with disabilities and their families to explore a variety of exciting career options. This resource is also perfect for schools and agencies that provide career guidance and services.

Open Futures Video: Employees with Disabilties Open Futures: Employees with Disabilities (9 mins.)
This video focuses on successful people with disabilities working in a wide range of careers and work settings. The Role Models stories help employers appreciate the contributions, creativity, and enthusiasm that people with disabilities bring to the workplace. The video also highlights practical, low-cost disability accommodations. This employer-focused video is an excellent tool for job placement, development, and diversity training!