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Chartbook on Work and Disability

Section 4: Work-related Resources

There are many federal, state and local agencies which provide various types of assistance for people with work disabilities.

In this section, benefits from federal programs assisting people with a work disability are described, including how many people with a work disability receive benefits from the Social Security Administration through SSDI or SSI. This section also presents information about several other programs, including the Vocational Rehabilitation program, and other work-related resources for people with disabilities.

Topic Questions:

4.1. How many people with a work disability receive benefits from the Social Security Administration?

4.2. What are the conditions of people who are helped by Vocational Rehabilitation?

4.3. Where in the labor market does the Vocational Rehabilitation system place successful clients?

4.4. Do people who are successfully rehabilitated by the Vocational Rehabilitation system work full-time?

4.5. What special equipment or technology do people with disabilities need for the jobs they prefer?

4.6. How do employed adults with disabilities find their jobs?

4.7. What are the sources of income and benefits for working-age people with disabilities?