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Chartbook on Work and Disability

Section 4: Work-related Resources

4.6. How do employed adults with disabilities find their jobs?

More than half of employed adults with disabilities report that they found their jobs through personal contact. The percentage was highest among those who worked part-time -- 62%, compared with those who worked full-time -- 45%. One in five or 21% report finding jobs through means other than personal contact, help wanted ads, mainstream employment services, special programs for people with disabilities or college or training program placement programs.

52% of adults with disabilities find their jobs through personal contacts.

Bar graph showing percentage of adults with disabilities who found their current jobs via various resources.

Figure 27: Percentage of employed people with disabilities who found job by various resources

Source: N.O.D./Harris Survey of Americans with Disabilities (1994).

Surveys: Louis Harris and Associates, Inc.

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