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Chartbook on Work and Disability

Section 4: Work-related Resources

4.4. Do people who are successfully rehabilitated by the Vocational Rehabilitation system work full-time?

In 1995, sixty percent of all clients who successfully completed their rehabilitation program with the Vocational Rehabilitation system worked 35 or more hours per week. Another 25.7% of successful clients worked from 20 to 34 hours per week.

All clients who were rehabilitated successfully by the Vocational Rehabilitation system in 1995 worked an average of 31.4 hours per week. However, this average includes a portion of people who did not work for pay. The average hours per week increases to 34.1 hours when only clients who worked for pay are included.

By comparison, when clients applied and were accepted for vocational rehabilitation services, 78.5% were not working for pay. For those clients who did any kind of work for pay at all at application, the average time worked was 29.9 hous per week.

About 60% of successful rehabilitation clients worked a full work week.

Bar graph showing the percentage of rehabilitation clients who worked a full work week, at application and at closure.

Figure 25: Percentage of successful VR clients working at application and closure, by categories of number of hours worked

Source: Rehabilitation Services Administration, program statistics (911 data based on FY 1995 cumulative case load report).

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