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Chartbook on Work and Disability

Section 1: Prevalence of Disability Among Working-age People

1.2. What percentage of people with a disability are employed?

People with a disability are less likely to have a job or business than people with no disability. For people ages 21 to 64 with no disability the likelihood of having a job or business is 82.1%. For people with a non-severe disability, the rate is 76.9%; the rate drops to 26.1% for those with a severe disability.

The rates are lower for women than for men, regardless of disability status.

Employment is lower for people with a disability and much lower for those with a severe disability.

Bar graph showing rates of employment for those with disabilities, broken down by gender.

Figure2: Percentage with a job or busness, by disability status and gender, 21-64 years

Source: McNeil (1997), Americans With Disabilities: 1994-95.

Surveys: SIPP, 1994-95.

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