Access to Disability Data

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Chartbook on Women and Disability



This alphabetical list provides an explanation of terms that may require clarification. The definitions are taken from original surveys or cited publications as closely as possible, to convey the original authors’ perspectives. Surveys that are mentioned in this Glossary are explained in more detail in Surveys.


A list of web sites of surveys and publications consulted in the preparation of the Charbook on Mental Health and Disability in the United States.


This appendix provides information on the sources of data used in this publication, and the limitations of each source. It describes the surveys, their sampling formats, the size of the respondent bases, and definitions of terms used in the surveys, including how disability is measured. Information also is presented on databases that served as data sources for this publication. More details can be found in the original publications.

Data Tables

Text-only equivalents of all the data presented in the figures throughout this Chartbook.