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Chartbook on Women and Disability

Section 3: Women: Disability, work, income and benefits

Women with disabilities confront many barriers to full participation in the work world. Information presented in Section 3 suggests that women with disabilities face "double jeopardy" in the workplace on the basis of both their gender and their disability status. As women, they are less likely to participate in the workforce, and they earn less than men. As people with disabilities, women face a lack of jobs, inaccessible work environments, and much lower wages than those with no disability.

Section 3 presents information about how many women with disabilities are working, their occupations, and their earnings relative to other groups. Women's experience with poverty, and differences in benefit levels and services, are also discussed.

Topic Questions:

How often do women with disabilities have a job or business?

In which occupational categories are women with disabilities employed?

How often are women with disabilities employed in computer-related jobs?

Does labor force participation of people with a work disability differ by gender?

How do median earnings for women with and without a disability compare to men's earnings?

How many women with a work disability are living in poverty?

How do women and men with a work disability differ in benefits they receive?

Are there gender differences in Social Security benefits for disabled workers?

3.9. Are there gender differences in participation in Vocational Rehabilitation services?