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Chartbook on Women and Disability

Section 3: Women: Disability, work, income and benefits

3.1. How often do women with disabilities have a job or business?

Whether or not they have a disability, women are less likely than men to have a job or business, according to data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP: 1994-95). When considering gender and severity of disability among people 21 to 64 years, severity of disability has the largest impact on employment: Only 24.7% of women with a severe disability and 27.8% of men with a severe disability had a job or business. Non-severe disability also adversely impacts the likelihood of working, particularly for women. Among those with a non-severe disability, 68.4% of women and 85.1% of men were working at a job or business. In comparison, 74.5% of women with no disability and 89.8% of men with no disability were working.

Less than one-quarter of women with severe disabilities have a job or business.

Vertical bar chart. Go to Data Table for Figure 11 for the data values shown in this chart.

Figure 11: Percentage with job or business, by disability status and gender, 21 to 64 years old

Data Table for Figure 11

Source: McNeil (1997). Website:

Surveys: SIPP, 1994-95

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