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Organizations: InfoUse

InfoUse uses the power of information, technology, and participatory research to improve community equity, access and outcomes. Our planning work in disability, employment, independent living, and health empowers people to make personal and systems changes.

InfoUse specializes in the development of health, disability and rehabilitation information using computer technology. Staff of the firm have been involved in the fields of rehabilitation and disability services since the early 1970's. InfoUse has developed a research and development capacity in the areas of disability statistics, program evaluation, policy, analysis, and interactive multimedia production, and has produced interactive systems and materials for the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the State of California, and others. The firm was founded in 1984 by Susan Stoddard, Ph.D.

InfoUse provides information by:

  • Using the magic of multimedia
  • Creating solutions for exciting differences in the world.
  • Building long-term relationships with others who share our vision.

InfoUse products reflect quality, care and integrity.

Products are timely, and meet the needs of our customers and the communities we serve.

Innovation is important to us, and the innovations we treasure make facts and knowledge more accessible and easier to find and use.

Selected Projects

  • Program Review, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
  • Access to Disability Data (NIDRR Knowledge Dissemination and Utilization)
  • Evaluation of Choice Demonstration Projects of NIHR (now NIDRR)
  • Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Vocational Rehabilitation (with RTI)
  • Assessment of Client Information Systems of RSA
  • Evaluation of the Research and Training Center Program of the National Institute of Handicapped Research (now NIDRR) (subcontractor to Policy Studies Associates)
  • Improving Service Systems for People with Disabilities (with the University of California, San Francisco), for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Disability Statistics Program
  • Non-Technical Statistical Publication on the Disabled
  • Chartbook on Work Disability
  • Client-Directed Personal Assistance Services with the University of California, Los Angles, for ASPE, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Research and Training Center on Independent Living and Disability Policy
  • Research and Training Center on Public Policy and Independent Living
  • State Estimates of Disability
  • Evaluation of Quality Assurance Systems in Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Best Practice Study of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to severely Mentally Ill (SMI) Individuals (subcontractor to Policy Studies Associates)
  • Expert Systems in Rehabilitation
  • Evaluation of Vocational Assessment Procedures and the IWRP Process
  • Evaluation of a Pilot Project on Case Management and Placement
  • Analysis of State VR Agency Caseload and Placement Patterns and Trends
  • Independent Living Needs Assessment of California SILC
  • SafeNet, An Interactive Multimedia CD ROM System on AIDS Prevention for Fifth and Sixth Grade Children
  • An Internet-based Curriculum on Math and Aeronautics for Children with Physical Disabilities (for NASA)

More on Multimedia at InfoUse

Many at NIDRR, RSA, and OSERS know InfoUse for its leadership in disability policy research and evaluation. Our commitment to disability and health issues has led InfoUse to pursue innovative approaches providing practical real-world interventions. Thus, InfoUse has developed a professional, business-oriented research-based program in information design which makes an important contribution to dissemination and use of the products of research. Since 1987, InfoUse has pioneered in innovative and creative uses of interactive multimedia, developing useful and dynamic products for consumer information. Examples relevant to medicine, health, and disability include:

"Ashtown," InfoUse's interactive videodisk on smoking prevention for 5-6th grade children is the most popular exhibit at the Hall of Health in Berkeley, California. Ashtown received the Gold "Cindy" award of the New York Festival.

MathPad MathPad Plus"MathPad" and "MathPad Plus," interactive software enabling children with disabilities to perform calculations in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, has been published and distributed by IntelliTools, an award-winning assistive technology company. Additional modules in MathPad Plus include statistics, algebra, manipulables, and geometry.

"Safenet," an interactive CD-ROM on AIDS awareness for 5-6th grade children, will be distributed in classrooms throughout the country in partnership with a leading health textbook publisher.

Kaiser Permanente selected InfoUse to do its Computerized Interactive Rehabilitation Exercise Training Program, which teaches knee patients about exercise, alternatives to surgery, and basic physiology of the knee, using video, computer animation, graphics and sound. Developed in collaboration with Kaiser physicians, this product is available as patient education and as a therapeutic teaching tool.

PlaneMath "PlaneMath" is an Internet-based multimedia product teaching math and aeronautics to physically disabled children. This continuing project, funded by NASA, will stimulate interest in aeronautics and science careers. This project includes Web development as well as multimedia.

InfoUse was selected by Quint and Associates to develop the computer materials for a hazardous materials and safety program on CD-ROM for the University of California (UC). Personnel in all laboratories in the UC system need to have hazardous materials training and UC LabSafe offers a consistent, system-wide method to achieve that goal at all UC campuses and to document employee safety training.

Information Combined with Interactivity

InfoUse is uniquely positioned to translate research and administrative materials into interactive formats, making effective presentations. CD-ROM, videodisk, and Internet formats are our specialty.

InfoUse is the place where interactivity combines with information to produce materials serving the disability community. While many disability organizations may include some electronic publishing, InfoUse has made interactive product development a specialty and a priority. In all our development, the information needs of the consumer are key. We work closely with our audiences, with participation and involvement in every stage of design an testing.

Our focus is on quality in information and clarity in explanation. Our goal is improved learning through the best in information technology.

For more information, contact:

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 320
Berkeley, CA 94710
Voice: 510-549-6520
Fax: 510-549-6512
TTY: 510-549-6523