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Chartbook on Mental Health and Disability

Section 4: Access, utilization, and cost of services

4.9. How many people in nursing homes have a mental disorder?

The National Nursing Home Survey provides demographic information on people living in nursing homes. Of the approximately 1.5 million people who were 65 years and over and living in nursing homes in 1999, an estimated 236,300 (16.1%) had a mental disorder as their primary diagnosis when they were admitted. Other people in nursing homes may have mental disorders that were not their primary diagnosis upon admission, and others may have developed mental disorders after admission.

Over 20% of the 1,469,500 nursing home residents 65 years and over (315,400 people) received mental health services during the 30 days preceding the survey interview.

More than 16% of nursing home residents 65 years and over had mental disorders as their primary diagnosis at admission.

Figure 29 (see data table for text-only version)

Figure 29: Percentage and number of nursing home residents with mental disorders as primary diagnosis at admission or another primary diagnosis, 1999

Source: Jones (2002)

Surveys: National Nursing Home Survey, 1999

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