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Chartbook on Mental Health and Disability

Section 4: Access, utilization, and cost of services

4.1. Does use of mental health services by people with mental health disability differ by age?

It is estimated that 29% of adults with a mental health disability receive mental health services in a year. Age appears to be a major factor in receipt of mental health services. The age groups of 25-34 years and 34-44 years show the highest service use, 37.8% and 38.7% respectively. With age, those levels drop: 32.4% for 45-54 year olds, 27.5% for 55-64 year olds, 18.1% for 65-74 year olds, and 2.6% for those 75 and older. Younger people also have low service usage with only 23.7% of 18-24 year olds with a mental health disability receiving services.

Older people and young adults receive less mental health treatment for their mental disorders.

Figure 21 (see data table for text-only version)

Figure 21: Use of mental health services by adults with mental health disability, by age group

Source: Kaye (2001)

Surveys: NHIS_D, 1994-95

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