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Access to Disability Data - An InfoUse Project

Chartbooks produced by InfoUse:

Chartbook on Mental Health and Disability in the U.S., 2004
Mental Health and Disability (2004)
Chartbook on Women and Disability in the U.S., 1999
Women and Disability (1999)
Chartbook on Work and Disability in the U.S., 1998
Work and Disability (1998)
Chartbook on Disability in the U.S., 1996
Disability in the U.S. (1996)


About InfoUse and other organizations that are key resources in disability data, including the CDC, NIDRR, U.S. Census Bureau, and UCSF-RRTC on Disability Statistics.


Information on accessibility issues such as website design and usability.

This website has been designed for use in research on disability in the United States. InfoUse has prepared this site as a product of the Center on Access to Disability Data, a project funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) (#H133D50017).

The charts can be used in tailored presentations and publications. Requests for permission to use this material in individual presentations should be submitted to InfoUse in writing. InfoUse and NIDRR will appreciate feedback on use of the materials.