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Chartbook on Disability in the U.S.

Section 5: Work and Disabilities

5.6. How many persons have a severe work disability?

There are an estimated 10.4 million people of working age (16-64) who have a severe work disability. Of this number, 5.1 million are males and 5.3 million are females. Seven and a half (7.5) million are whites (5.4% of all whites of working age), 2.5 million are blacks (11.8% of all blacks of working age), and the remaining 400,000 are of other races. There are 1.2 million persons of Hispanic origin with severe work disabilities who are 7.0% of the 17.1 million Hispanics of working age.

The proportion of working age blacks who have severe work disabilities is higher than for whites or Hispanics.

Figure 5.6

Source: McNeil, 1996

Survey: CPS, 1995

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