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Chartbook on Disability in the U.S.

Section 4: Disability, the Elderly, Children and Youth

4.1. How many elderly persons have disabilities?

Elderly persons are particularly affected by activity limitations. In contrast to people between 18 and 45, where fewer than 8.6% report activity limitations, 38.8% of people age 65 and older report being limited in their activity. Similarly, those aged 65 and older report higher rates of disability in the SIPP (53.9%) than people between 18 and 45 (13.6%).

Over half of those over age 65 have a disability and almost 40% report having an activity limitation.

Figure 4.1

Source: McNeil, 1993, LaPlante, 1995

Survey: SIPP, 1992; NHIS, 1992

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