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Accessibility: Preferences for Viewing This Site

For maximum accessibility, we recommend setting your browser with the following options in General Options from the Options menu:

  • Fonts: 18 pt. (both proportional and fixed)
  • Colors: Let Document Override
  • Background: Default

To change the font size while you are browsing , use the following key equivalents (for Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, or Safari):

Macintosh Apple key + or Apple key -
Windows Control + or Control -

This site has been designed so that it can be used whether or not you wish to have graphics downloaded. If you have " Load Images" unchecked (i.e., turned off), the site will appear with small icons and brief text descriptions of the graphics. Selecting any small icon will bring up the associated full graphic.

Section 508

This web site is compliant with the Section 508 requirements for web sites of federal agencies. Section 508 requires that people with disabilities seeking information or services from a Federal agency have access comparable to those without disabilities.

Some accessibility features of this web site include:

  • The use of Cascading Style Sheets to control formatting. This allows users to use their own custom style sheet settings for legibility.
  • All content is either in plain text, or are available in text-equivalents. Reports and presentations can be read on-line as HTML, or downloaded as PDF files, or Microsoft Office (Excel or PowerPoint) documents.
  • All data tables contain row and column information correlated with each data cell.
  • Some additional accessibility features of this web site are only supported by some browsers. We encourage you to update your browser version to take advantage of these features:
    • The navigation bar on every page is accessible by keyboard access keys: for example, Control + H or Alt + H for Home. The access keys are also given as ALT tags on button images so that screen readers can understand them.
    • All links and form elements can be browsed through with the TAB key and can be selected using the RETURN or ENTER key.